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Rotapalooza - Check Back in 2013 for our next event!


The goal of Rotapalooza is to improve the music scene in our community.
Instead, we bring together as many music styles and talents as we can find.

From whaling saxes to smooth vocal harmonies and
smokin' righteous tunes, we have it all!

Add to that, the best stage in the area,
a fantastic sound system, food and refreshments,
and we have the makings of an awesome Musicfest!

If you missed Rotapalooza 2011, check out this video:
Rotapalooza 2011 Musicfest Archive

All proceeds from this event go to the Appleton Breakfast Rotary Club to provide programs like: 

Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Scholarships, and other Rotary Programs.

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